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Arrive in Style

Prom is the most anticipated event in a teen’s life, and everyone wants to go all out for it. What better way to do this than booking a limousine and making a memorable entrance!

No matter the formal’s theme, arriving in a limousine is a winning move. Allow Pull Up VIP to be part of your kid’s memorable prom entrance possible.

We understand that parents want their kids to have a great time, but they also want them to be safe from accidents and strangers. Allow us to ease your worries with our experienced chauffeurs and safe cars.

Pull Up VIP has been driving people around in Brisbane and helping them get to their destinations for decades. Our limo service Brisbane is well-known for its safety, security, and comfort. When it comes to kids, we double our efforts because we understand that their safety and security are most important.

This is the 2nd time I've hired them and they are now a part of our annual family tradition! Pull Up VIP makes it special. The drivers know the city and the company genuinely CARE about your experience. See ya next year!
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Feel Like a Million Bucks

Let the kids feel like royalty at their prom. They are already dressed to the nines. Now, add more class by arriving at the prom in a limousine. If the plan is to let your kid take their date to the prom in a classy way, the Mercedes-Benz V250d Avantgarde in our fleet is the ride you need. It’s spacious and cozy with plenty of room for feet so that the young folks can relax and let their limbs loose before it’s time to get on the dance floor.

If a group of friends is planning to go together, we have just the ride in mind for you. Our formal party bus hire Brisbane includes a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limousine. It’s a pretty nice ride that will definitely impress dates and make their prom experience special. Here’s what our formal hire Brisbane fleets offer:


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limousine

  • Professional Chauffeur

  • Custom Leather Seating and Tinted Windows

  • Standing Room

  • Cocktail Bar

  • Air Conditioning

  • Surround Sound System, Two LED Screens, and Laser Lights

  • Mobile Phone Connectivity

  • Surround Sound System

  • You are the DJ

  • Seats 14

  • And much more


Mercedes-Benz V250d Avantgarde

  • Professional Chauffeur
  • Leather Seats
  • Electric Doors
  • Dark Privacy Glass
  • Air Conditioning
  • Complimentary Bottled Water
  • Music Plugin (Bluetooth)
  • Chilled Champagne Bottle (On Request)
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Have Fun on the Way to Your Prom

It’s Party All Night Long

First impressions matter, and when it’s about impressing someone you have asked out for the prom, you need to bring you’re A-game. A James Bond-style tuxedo ― check. Corsage ― check. Dinner money ― check. Now all that’s missing is a sweet ride. Imagine your kid arriving at their date’s doorstep with a corsage in their hand, having their pictures taken, and then surprising them by opening the door to the limo. What a sight it will be!

Let Pull Up VIP make these special prom plans a reality. We would like nothing better than making your special day all the more special for you and your date. Let us know your date’s likes and dislikes, and we will make sure that the limo is arranged for a sweet surprise.

Now, if your kid is planning to ride with their posse, we suggest you book a party limo for them because this ride will blow their minds. Prom might be over after an hour or two, but if they still want to spend some quality time with their friends, our party limo can be the venue for this after-party. They can have some fun on the way back with a surround sound system.

You will never forget the moments you spend with your friends on prom night. So, let us make the day special for you.

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